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About Us

Centurion Travel and Tours

Centurion Travel and Tour is a fast growing Destination Management Company (DMC) and travel agent in Kenya. Operating under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Suresh Raman, Chartered Accountant with nearly 25 years of experience in management and administration and Mr. Edwin Ng’ong’a, a technocrat with impeccable education and work experience, Centurion Travel and Tours has made rapid strides in the travel and tourism industry of Kenya.

The Team

A team of experienced professionals ensures prompt and detailed response to all queries. Our endeavour is to turn around all requests within 24 hours; not losing sight of the personal touch to all requests and providing as much information as possible. We are in a position to command the best price from our suppliers enabling us to offer ‘value for money’ safari holiday to our clients.

Transport Logistics

All safari departures generally use Micro Buses or 4x4 Land Cruisers/Land Rovers and are driven by experienced driver/guides having extensive knowledge of the regions and the wildlife, though light aircrafts are also popular. All micro buses and 4x4 vehicles have pop-up roofs or game viewing hatch roofs and are equipped with cool box and first aid kit. It is advisable to come on safari with small bags preferably not more than two.

Information Technology

In the current era of ever changing technology, Centurion operates at the cutting edge of Information Technology with one of the Group Companies’ dedicated team of software engineers having designed and developed one of the most efficient software systems. The software ensures efficient and effective compilation of information on the specific requirements of our discerning clientele. Centurion understand and acknowledges that needs of all clients are not the same and ensuring the minute requirements of each individual is one of our main objectives. Making the realisation of a dream holiday come true!

Customer Care

Our trained and experienced multi-lingual staff is on hand at all times to meet and assist our clients. Our friendly, helpful staff will provide an informative briefing on the itinerary with background information and ready to answer all questions. Our emphasis is to make you feel at home; miles away from home. Customer feedback is a critical activity to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and our team of Customer Relations Executive ensure almost 90% collection of the customer feedback questionnaire. All collected feedback questionnaire is perused and responded by the Managing Director personally.

Round-the-Clock Service 

Our 24 hour communication and operations centre manned by trained and highly committed personnel, provides any assistance on a continuous basis. They are on hand to continuously monitor all vehicle movement and institute measure instantly in times of emergency. All senior managers of the Group are on ‘call’ 24x7.



The Centurion Group

The Centurion Group founded by Kenyan Entrepreneurs with vast experience in varied fields has personalised service as their main ethos. Providing quality, value for money service to all clientele is of primary importance and the Group believes in building customer loyalty at all levels.


Mr. Suresh Raman, Managing Director

Suresh Raman, a Kenyan businessman with interests in telecommunications and hospitality, has been actively involved with the tourism industry in Kenya for nearly 20 years. His experience and expertise over the years enables him to identify minute details involved in customer satisfaction and provide corrective measures as and when needed.

Before venturing to establish Centurion Travel and Tours, Mr. Suresh Raman was the Managing Director of a leading Destination Management Company in Kenya, a position he held for nearly 15 years. His experience is supplemented by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals providing the necessary components.

Edwin Ng’ong’a, Director

Edwin Ng’ong’a, an Aeronautical Engineer - a dynamic Kenyan businessman and has been the main architect in the formation of the Centurion Group. A Venture Capitalist; with interest in Telecommunications, Real Estate, Hospitality and Agriculture, he provides the vision and guidance to Centurion Travel and Tours.

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